Hon Chong Beach in Nha Trang Vietnam

  If you visit to Nha Trang, you will hear of Hon Chong Promontory (Husband Island) since this small island is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in this beach city. Coming to Hon Chang Island, you will separate yourself from the hustling atmosphere of urban daily life. So this place is rendezvous for nature lovers all around the world. Where is Hon Chong’s location? Hon Chong is located about 3 kilometers away from the city center, this is a huge complication of rocks in various sizes and shapes stacked together. And of course, if there is an island called Hon Chong (Husband Island), there will be another Wife Island located nearby. How to get to Hon Chong Promontory? Hon Chong promontory remains raw and untouched since its tourism just grow recently. Also in the past, Hon Chong Promontory could only be reached by overcoming steep hills. But now, the path leading to Hon Chong Promontory is incredibly dreamy with golden sands stretching wide and far